About us

We are social media expert who are dedicated to bring you first class social networking services with top notch quality. We specialize in Facebook marketing providing a wide range of services including Facebook page likes, post likes, photo likes, comment likes, website likes, followers or subscribers and even 5 star rating reviews. Facebook has strict rules to restrict the abuse of their system. There are so many people around the world using Facebook social networking service, and they need to decide whom to trust and blacklist others who are likely to be unsafe, spammy or abusive. Once illegitimate activities are detected, Facebook page like count will drop or website will be banned from getting new likes and a warning will be displayed to visitors entering your site from Facebook. With our vast knowledge on social network, we understand exactly how things work and launch our campaign in compliance with Facebook untold rules and regulations to avoid raising the alarm that you are abusing Facebook services.

In fact, we helped many of our clients before in social media marketing campaigns in the past. We understand how frustrated the feeling is when you first starting up a Facebook page or website and has absolutely zero social media support. Social network has become a mainstream trend nowadays that many of us have our own Facebook Page and almost every popular site has social plugins to promote their sites. Think of how your Facebook page or website may look like at start. You will have absolutely zero Facebook like on each and every page. What will this suggest to your current visitor? Are the posts or content here so trivial that no one bothers to like it? This is why you need some base fans to start with, in order to attract more visitors and even more likes.


Our services

With our diligent social media specialists, we strive to make sure that our action looks totally natural and authentic in the eyes of Facebook. After so many years of experience running social marketing campaign, we are so sure about our service that we can guarantee the Facebook like you buy will stay permanent and forever, unlike other social services that drop after some time and the sellers who are nowhere to be found. Replacement might be necessary to ensure satisfaction, but to us, we are so confident that our likes will never decrease through time. This is the level of quality and satisfaction we dare to guarantee.

If you are running a business, we will give our best shot bringing your business to the next level. However, our clients are not just restricted to big enterprise or profit generating companies. We also cater for the need of smaller communities and even individuals. This is why we set our price so low that even non-adults can afford our services. Our aim is to serve everyone without focusing on lucrative outcome. All we need is basic funding required for our continued service such as hosting expenses and the social specialist we hire. We can ensure you that you will not get such a great deal anywhere else in the market. What is more, apart from quality and pricing, we believe in responsiveness and customer service as well to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.