Introducing the new Value Plan


The previous 50% discount offer has ended, yet, we would like to introduce a new plan – Value plan. New customers who would like to give us a try may pick a Starter Plan but most customers will now prefer our new Value Plan with attractive special offers.

Introducing the new Value Plan – more discount and freebies!

For those who picked Value Plan, you are in great luck. You will enjoy a 20% discount to the original price and what is more, you can get freebies! Starter Plan extra 100 free Facebook likes/followers will be added automatically into your cart and it is absolutely FREE-OF-CHARGE! This Value Plan is likely to be a long term offer which will last forever and never expires! Check out New Value Plan here.

Do you know that...

You can purchase Facebook likes with price as low as $5 ? 100-10k Facebook likes can be obtained and you need to do absolutely nothing! It is the best deal you can get. Order Now! Exclusively on




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