Safest way to buy Facebook likes

It is good to be skeptical while buying Facebook likes to your website domain or URL. Some buyers may not know but after years of experience in social media marketing, we know that there are risks and bad impact if you are buying incredibly low quality from amateurs who do not follow Facebook rules. This is dangerous because it can actually get your website blacklisted.


Safest way to buy Facebook likes – what happens if you get banned?

If you first heard about this, then your question might be what happens to my site if I get blacklisted? Facebook do not like other websites abusing their system or spamming using their social network, especially when there are so many sites out there which may get things really out of their hands. To avoid this from occurring, they have unspoken stringent rules which help them detect malicious activities falling under their radar. For instance, if you are getting many likes so quickly from the same Facebook user at the same time, this will raise an alarm, and your site might be blacklisted. Once blacklisted, it is more difficult for you to get more Facebook likes after that. Facebook will doubt every like button pressed from that moment onwards. Future visitors who really like your story need to press the like button once, and press the ‘confirm’ button again to actually give you a genuine like.


Also, if you put other social plugin such as Facebook recommendation to your links or people click your site links from Facebook posts, a warning banner will appear on top alerting the visitors that your site might be spammy or unsafe and advise them to navigate away. This is indeed a terrible outcome to your website. If this really happens to you owing to the bad Facebook marketing campaign you get elsewhere, the only suggestion we can give you is to try your best to get more real Facebook users liking and commenting your site bit by bit until you gradually gain your trust again by Facebook.


Safest way to buy Facebook likes – 100% safe likes from our services

Are we trying to scare you with these horrible and terrifying stories? Of course not! We are telling you to get you prepared and it is also because we are very confident in our services that it  will never happen to your under any circumstances. We always give our best shot in ensuring the quality of our services. We abide by the rules and our activities always look perfectly natural in the eyes of Facebook. So far, for all the website owners who have used our services, they are all satisfied and there is never a single case of complain that their website is banned by Facebook by any means. We understand how the system works. If you are looking for a safest way to buy Facebook likes, you can totally count on us. 

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