System upgrade announcement


There is a major upgrade recently to our entire system. We put a lot of effort in improving our system to ensure great shopping experience, and provide easy yet interactive user interface.

System upgrade announcement – site under maintenance

First, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused within these few weeks. The entire website is put under maintenance and many customers reflected that they are not able to reach our website. Please be assured that all our endeavors are meant to improve our website and services to ensure customer satisfaction. Not just preparing for new plans and service categories, we are also updating information and our system at the same time. Thank you for your patience all the time.

System upgrade announcement – new shopping cart system

One of our major upgrade to our system is to integrate a better shopping cart system. If you are observant enough, you may now notice that all the Paypal ‘Buy Now’ buttons are switched to ‘Add to cart’ buttons. With more and more service categories we are offering, there are more items to get and you can order them all together. The best part is, with more items added in the cart, you may get more discounts and freebies, and these are made possible with our new shopping cart system. The more you buy the more great offers you can get from us!

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