How to

How to place an order?

Step by step guide on placing an order
1. Go to Order Now page and pick the category you are interested.
2. You will now see a comparison table of various plans available to you. If you prefer to see individual plan instead of a comparison table, click "Individual view".
3. After choosing a right plan, fill in the URL field and click "Add to cart" to add the item into your shopping cart...

How to enter the right URL

Short guide on entering the right URL:
It is very important to choose the correct URL while adding items into your cart. Once we have started working on your order, you are not allow to change it so it is advised to get the right URL while making an order. Depending on the Facebook like or 5-star rating reviews category that you are interested in, the URL format will be different. There are basically 6 types of URL:
1. Website URL
2. Facebook Page URL
3. Facebook Post URL
4. Facebook Photo/Video URL
5. Facebook Comment URL
6. Facebook User URL

How to check my order?

Step by step guide on checking order status:
1. Login to your account using your username and password.
2. There are 5 tabs on top of your user interface: View, Edit, Orders and Cash Voucher. 'View' displays your account details, 'Edit' allows you to edit your account, 'Orders' allows you to check your order, and 'Cash Voucher' shows your history of redeeming vouchers. Click on 'Orders'.
3. A table of all your current and previous orders are displayed here. You can see your order numbers, dates, totals and status here. If you had just placed your order, it will be in 'Pending' status...

How to redeem cash voucher?

Step by step guide on redeeming your cash voucher
1. Login to your account using your username and password.
2. Under user menu (bottom of your user interface), click on 'Redeem Cash Voucher'.
3. Fill in all the fields (Title: the name of the sales event, URL and the voucher code given to you).
4. Once finished, click 'Save' and it is done.