Why us?

Before stating the reason why you should choose us, you may ask: why bother buying Facebook likes? Facebook is the world no. 1 social media network. Social network is a bridge in connecting people around the world, real quick on the internet without physical contact needed. Even search engines like Google is starting to look at social signals in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aspect and ranking. To increase your social presence, you need to build a good profile using Facebook as a platform. This can definitely promote your Facebook Page or website and gain proper recognition from the public.

It is a relatively easier task to gather more likes when you already have a substantial fan base, but it is difficult at start when your social media support is low. We are top leading social service company providing Facebook likes for websites, forums and blogs. We fulfill your needs to obtain Facebook recognition and provide likes, as well as 5-star rating reviews, for your Facebook page and websites. You set a goal, and we will help you reach it!


What you get?

Permanent likes stay forever

The Facebook likes we deliver are permanent. Not a single social service in the market can give you such guarantee but we can. So far until now, the likes we sent NEVER drops. Our service will always look natural an authentic. Our social signal is entirely trusted by Facebook. Still not convinced? Trust your own eyes. Check out the total likes on our home page or click here to check on Facebook and see if it ever drops!


3-month 100% money back guarantee

We are very confident in providing better services. We strive out best to deliver the total number of Facebook likes ordered without failure. If we cannot achieve the like count as promised within 3 months, a FULL refund will be given back to you because we deeply believe this circumstance will never happens due to our top-notch quality of service. We will make sure all your pennies are worthwhile spending.


Lifetime 100% replacement guarantee

Some buyers may remain skeptical about Facebook like count decreasing through time. This is owing to the low quality likes from bad social services or disloyal fans constantly un-liking your Facebook page or website. We are sole service provider in the market who can assure permanent likes. However, for those who still worry, we offer lifetime guarantee that if the slightest chance that it still happens, we will replace back the likes in no time, even though we believe it is not likely to happen at all!


100% safe to use

It is a logical concern to worry about getting blacklisted in any mean by Facebook. As an expert in the field, we saw this happening to some low quality websites getting bad social signals. Those websites are restrained from getting further likes and a roadblock is set when visitors navigate to the site from Facebook. And for Facebook Page, accounts getting banned will cause a steep drop in Facebook likes. Our service is absolutely safe to use with real and active users and there is absolutely nothing to worry at all!


Express delivery on demand

We understand that excessive wait time is a torment to your soul. We have large dedicated team standing by to serve you instantly once you place your order. Your likes will increase gradually on a daily basis but if you need express delivery, contact us and we will quote you accordingly.


Cheapest price in the market

We target not only business enterprise but also community, non-profit organizations and also individuals like you. We understand that budget is one serious concern for casual Facebook page or website owners. Our price as low as $5.00 is so affordable that everyone can get it. We strive to serve everyone who needs help in social media marketing.


Facebook like given for FREE

We are generous people who are always glad to give away freebies to reward our faithful clients. We do not stop liking your Facebook page or website straight at the point when the total number is reached. We are constantly giving extra Facebook likes to our customers for FREE. You can rest assured that you can get some extra likes in excess to what you have ordered.


Unlimited Facebook likes

We are really serious in our job. We have a big supportive and passionate team of experts in social marketing who is willing to help those who needed our service. Thus, we are capable of delivering unreasonably high amount of Facebook like with the aid of our huge and active team. If you would like to order a large quantity of Facebook like, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Active and real Facebook users

Again, we have passionate team willing to serve those who needed our help. Our Facebook accounts are constantly active with actual users. Those accounts are stable and will not be banned by Facebook in any mean.



24/7 support

We have a responsive sales team operating 24/7. Our team is standing by at any moment and will respond to you quickly when you have any inquiries or questions about the services we provide. This is to make sure that our services are delivered fast and right on time.


Professional services

With many years of experience, we understand how things work in the world of social network. Our team of talented specialists will always get to know your needs and concerns and lend you a helping hand in a professional way you needed. All you have to do is ask for help from us.